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The Wedding Website of Ashley and Brandon

Ashnbran.com is a personal site of mine. It is a website for my wedding. On this website I broke a ton of web standards, and the book on safe web practices, well...I threw that book out. I basically said, "Who cares, it's my wedding website and I can do whatever I want." Yet ashnbran.com shows up fine in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

The inspiration for the website came from a number of places, the first being our vintage themed wedding with peacock colors. The second came from my fiancée's love of the interior design and ads of places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. The last source of inspiration was my idea of making a website made entirely of photographs.

La Sierra University Summer Website

Summer website for La Sierra University Designed and Developed by Brandon Grainger AKA The Lone Grainger

This is a website I designed and developed for La Sierra University and their summer program. This site is a great example of how powerful analytics can be. I also designed a number of print ads for them. Some of the ads were focused on getting some of those hard science classes out of the way in a much shorter time, and another set was focused on activities you could do while taking summer classes in Southern California. We then looked at the analytics of the website to see which ad people responded to more.

2009 St. Helena Gala

St. Helena Hospital Gala designed by Brandon Grainger AKA The Lone Grainger

The 2009 St. Helena Gala was an event of wine tasting, dinner, and a live auction. I developed the design and identity for this event. The event supported the Martin O'Neil Cancer Center. I came up with the slogan "It's good for your heart" playing off the idea that wine is good for your heart and so is helping other people.

Mama I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be

Mama I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be The life of Brandon Grainger AKA The Lone Grainger

This was a self promotional piece: a fake film poster for a documentary based on The Lone Grainger.

Dental Business Card

Dental Business Card designed by Brandon Grainger AKA The Lone Grainger

In today's job market standing out is more important than ever. I created this business card for a dental hygienist to leave at dental offices, send along with resumés, and hand out to anyone that might have a possible job opportunity. I designed the front of the card to stay the same, but each card has a clever dental-related phrase on the back.